Thursday, November 20, 2008

Handmade Gifts

Last year, with input from parents, my daughters' school decided to have a gift-making workshop instead of bringing in a commercial vendor to host a "Santa's Gift Shop". No one really liked the Santa shop because the prices were high and the items sold were poorly made and manufactured in China. Yes, I know it's the thought that counts, but many kids were sad and frustrated because they felt the need to buy gifts but didn't have the money to please everyone. So a group of moms approached the Principal about allowing students the opportunity to make presents. The first annual gift-making workshop was a success - for a minimal charge of $5.00, children had the opportunity to make and bring home several nice gifts: fleece scarf, bookmark, magnetic frame, candle-holder, and soup mix. Everyone, even the parent volunteers, enjoyed the day and the kids were excited to have so many gifts to give to friends and family.

I just got back from a planning meeting for this year's event (Dec. 10), and it is going to be even better. The kids will have the chance to make and give mini notebooks with a cover, spiced tea mix, glass bead necklaces, stencil t-shirts, paper chains, gift bags and tags, and tie tacks and decorative pins. I am lucky to be friends with such creative people and to have my kids attend a school where this type of activity is valued.

Here's a picture of the circles that a friend has been punching out for the last few weeks in anticipation of making the tie-tacks and pins. Look for more pictures on December 10.

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