Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chocolate Anyone!

I discovered today that our dog Della has an eating disorder. I went out today to clean up the dog yard. It's been awhile. It's really dry where we live so the poop kind of just petrifies, so I don't feel so bad that I don't get out very often to clean up even though I should.

Today I found all kinds of suprises - wrappers from the following: Nestle chocolate chips, Godiva chocolate-covered cashews, Ghiradelli cocoa powder, M&M mini baking pieces, white chocolate bark for candy making, a chewy chocolate chip granola bar, gluten-free chocolate chip cookie mix, and Sunspire chocolate-peanut candies. This dog has good taste and a sweet-tooth. I thought chocolate was poisonous for dogs, but apparently not.

What amazes me is her understanding to hide all the evidence. She's figured out that if she leaves wrappers and boxes in the living room, she is quickly scolded. But since we are too lame to clean her yard regularly, no problem. One smart pup.

I guess I'll be closing the pantry door from now on.

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