Saturday, December 6, 2008

Eco Countertops, Part I

It might not be an ideal time to be buying new countertops, but it is a great time to shop around and gather information about what you might want when you do have some funds to remodel your kitchen. Complete Kitchens is featuring some really attractive and eco-friendly countertops. Many have between 50-75% post-consumer recycled materials, and others contain sustainable woods, such as bamboo.

One type of countertop that falls within the eco-friendly is
Squak Mountain Stone, carried by Complete Kitchens at Coutura Design Inspirations in Colorado Springs. Squak Mountain Stone is a fibrous-cement material comprised of approximately 45% post-consumer materials, including recycled paper, recycled glass, coal fly-ash and cement. In some pieces you can even see lettering on the paper (eclectic!). The maaterial is hand-cast into slabs and tiles as an alternative to natural or quarried stone. The look of the manufactured surface resembles soapstone or limestones. It is stain-resistant once a sealant is added and it is very durable. They recommend not cutting directly on the surface because it will dull your knives.

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Tyler said...

Really cool stuff! It's wonderful to see people expressing and interest in greener alternatives in their home design. It's almost always as at a midpoint to premium price, so not the least expensive way to go, but certainly a much more sustainable and conscientious way to go.